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Find out whether all your pages have been indexed or not. You just have to enter the URL in the URL field and click the blue button. Our Indexed Pages Checker will take care of the rest!

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Use Google Index Checker To Know If Your Site Is Indexed

The majority of our SEO efforts when optimizing our websites for search engines are explicitly dedicated to improving the website ranking in Google SERPs. However, there is one more thing that determines the success of SEO, and that is the Google index page.

You could have the best site with the top ranking, high traffic, and great content, but if Google fails to index it, then everything goes in vain. Why? Well, no one is going to see it. In simple words, indexing is the process of your page being read or scoured by Google for the latest content and other updates. It won’t be wrong to say that indexing is the first step in your SEO audit process.

“How can I get Google to crawl my site” and “how do I know if my pages are indexed” are the kind of questions that SEO literates usually struggle with. Along with the complications that Google bring up to rank and filter the best results for its audience, it also makes sure that there are equally accessible solutions. If you are not sure whether Google crawl website and index your web pages, you can take help from a bulk index checker.
At Small SEO Tools, we have made it super convenient for you with our Google indexing tool.

(Remember: There is no ranking without indexing.)

Indexed Pages Going Down? Use Google Indexed Pages Checker!

It is essential to get all your web pages indexed by all search engines (not just Google). Pages that are failed to get indexed are not ranked. The simplest way to find out if your page is indexed is by using ‘site:’ operator with a Google search. However, that would take ages to check indexation of all pages manually. Alternatively, we have a faster and better way to that – the bulk index Google checker.

If the count of your indexed pages is going down, it could mean:

  • Google is unable to crawl your web pages
  • Google consider your pages irrelevant
  • Your web pages are penalized

In order to know that the number of your indexed pages is decreasing and why you should use Index Pages Checker. There are many tools out there to help you check your no index or index page. We provide you the bulk index checker with friendly interface and no complicated procedure to follow.

(Tip: No indexing could also be one of the reasons why your SEO efforts are paying off. So, if you wish to be ranked, make sure your site indexed.)


Google indexed pages are a key to generate more leads as compared to companies with no website or a less number of indexed pages.

according to research, the number of Pages indexed by Google is directly proportional to the number of leads generated. The companies having a more significant number of indexed pages succeed to generate more leads. The functional website for any company works acts as its online representative that with the help of right content marketing and SEO, can drive more traffic and consequently more leads.

Get Google to Crawl Site: How To Use Google Indexing Tool

If you think that your pages are not being crawled and indexed by Google, then the first step is to steer clear of doubts. For that, there are a few ways to check whether your site is indexed or not. You can do it manually, which can take a lot of time, and is not very practical and usually recommended way. Another way to check the indexation of pages is by using a page index checker.
With Bulk index Checker, it becomes easier to check how many and which pages are indexed by Google. Knowing the number is crucial to put your effort in the right direction.
To follow our free Indexed Pages Checker, there is no complicated procedure, just a few simple steps:

  • Get started by visiting: perhaps where you already are.
  • Next, you have to enter the d, domain for which you want to check the indexed web pages.
  • After that, click the “Check Indexed Pages” button, and let the tool do its job.
  • In a matter of seconds after hitting the button, you will get the detailed report about the pages indexed by Google.

Simple Tips To Get Google To Crawl My Site

Once a website is live and running, most webmasters stop concerning about crawling and indexing (which is a big mistake). To maintain your website’s SEO and overall health, you must keep a regular check on Google indexation. After all, with billions of pages in Google’s index, you can’t afford to miss out on yours. Use a Google Index Checker now and then.

If you are having trouble with Google indexing your pages, perhaps these simple tips are for you:

  • Since the introduction of the mobile-first index, it has now become imperative to have a website optimized for mobiles for the mobile index. Having a responsive design, minifying JS or CSS, optimizing images, and minimizing on-page UI elements size are few of the things to consider.
  • How many times have you heard “content is king”? Perhaps, quite a lot that’s because it really is. Make sure to regularly update your content because search engine prefers to sites with regular content update more often.
  • Establish a consistent and optimized interlinking scheme to ensure your website is properly organized and indexed.
  • Don’t forget to submit a sitemap to search engines. One of the basic tips improve indexation to this day is submitting a sitemap.
  • If there exist pages with no-index tag (that shouldn’t have them), find them and fix them.
  • In case of having massive amounts of duplicated content, get rid of it. Duplicated content means slowing down the crawling rate.
  • On the contrary, if there are pages you don’t want search engine spiders to crawl, block them. Place the no-index tag or delete the page altogether.


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