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Find your Facebook ID with the help of our Facebook id finder. Just enter your FB profile URL and find Facebook ID instanlty.

Enter Your Facebook profile (

How to Find your Facebook ID?

It can be a difficult process to find Facebook ID manually. You will find your Facebook ID with accuracy by following the simple steps given below:

  • Get your Facebook profile, page, or group link.
  • Enter the Facebook Url in the tool to fetch the numeric id.
  • Bingo! The FB numeric id will be displayed on your screen.
  • Share, print, or copy the Facebook numeric ID.

What is Facebook ID?

Most people consider their username as their Facebook ID, which is different. The Facebook ID is a unique identifier assigned to each Facebook user profile, page, or group. When a user creates a Facebook profile, page, or group, Facebook generates a unique ID that uses an identifier. The Facebook ID number is just like a postal address for reaching a particular post or profile. Here, the question arises how to find my fb id?

Our advanced find my Facebook ID tool allows you to discover your or someone's Facebook ID search instantly without observing any convoluted process.

Background of Facebook ID

When Facebook was established, every user was assigned an ID code. The first ID was zero, which takes each person to their profile page.

The profiles with IDs 1, 2 and 3 were probably experiments that Mark Zuckerberg ran and later erased. The first real Facebook user ID is 4.

Why do I need to find my Facebook ID?

Your Facebook user ID is a number string that does not identify you but connects you to your Facebook profile. Facebook automatically assigns a User ID to every profile. You can easily find fb ID with the assistance of the Find my Facebook ID online utility.

With your user ID:

  1. Anyone can see your profile and public information. 
  2. Many apps on Facebook require your numeric user ID to connect to your Facebook profile. These applications only work if they can access your user ID.
  3.  When you face any error while using any application or game, this application will require your user Id in order to locate & resolve the issue you are facing on your end.

Find my Facebook ID tool will help you get the Facebook user ID. Also, make sure in your privacy settings, the option "Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?" is on YES.

Benefits of Find My Facebook ID Tool

 Find my FB id tools are widely used by people to discover their Facebook IDs with a few taps on their devices. The primary benefits of this find my Facebook account tool are shared below. 

Free and Quick to Use

 Don't want to spend money on Facebook ID search? This online utility doesn't ask for any premium account to find your Facebook ID. Also, the simple and easy user interface of this tool enables beginners to find Facebook id without requiring anyone's assistance. Simply follow the instructions and get your hands on find my Facebook account tool straightaway. 

 No limitations

Unlike most web-based Facebook ID finders, this facility doesn't have any restrictions for its users. Individuals can access this fb id finder at any time and for countless Facebook ID search right away. There will be no limit or condition like downloading or installing any application for using this find my Facebook ID tool.

Easily Accessible

Whether you are an Android user, have an iPhone, or using a personal computer, you can easily access this online tool to find Facebook account without any hassle. This facility is compatible with all devices. Also, the users can reach our Facebook ID tool using any operating system, including Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac. However, a secure internet connection is required to access this free fb id finder.

Social Media’s Influential Role

Information technology has changed its dimensions and over the year new dynamics are introduced in the arena of this particular field. Since the emergence of social media, it has become the most powerful medium. We can witness an accelerating process in the change that is taking place around us.

 Every other day new startup businesses are getting launched and acquiring a considerable market space. Especially after the influx of smartphones, there’s a rapid growth in the influential role of social media. 

In this particular scenario, social networking sites become more significant for businesses. Entrepreneurs and other business professionals are utilizing this domain for the growth of sales. People use the platform to interact and communicate with other internet users and their real-life friends.

Nowadays, it has become tough to find Facebook IDs of businesses and other users.  It is because FB has hidden the FB numeric id of the accounts. Along with that, there are plenty of users on FB with the same name, and finding the Facebook account of any particular user can be a tiresome task. You can find fb account ID by using Facebook id lookup.


How Do I Find My Facebook ID?

Find your Facebook ID instantly by following the below steps: 

  • Land on this Facebook ID finder. 
  • Copy/paste your Facebook ID, page, or group URL in the given box. 
  • Press the Find Facebook ID button. 
  • Get your unique FB ID in no time. 

How to Find Facebook Profile Link On Mobile? 

 To find the Facebook Profile link, you need to:

  • Open the Facebook app, navigate to the profile page, and press the three dots.
  • Now, scroll down to the "Your Profile Link" section and click on "Copy Link."
  • The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.
  • Paste it anywhere or save it on your device as per your desire.

The typical Facebook profile URL generally looks like this:


How to Find my Facebook ID of a Page?

  • Log in to your Facebook account on your device.
  • Press "Profile" to visit your Facebook page.
  • Copy the URL appearing on the address bar of your web browser. 
  • Paste it on our find my Facebook account tool.
  • Get the Facebook Page ID instantly. 

How to Get Your Facebook Page URL?

  • Open Facebook on your web browser or smartphone.
  • Tap on "Profile" to visit your Facebook page.
  • Copy the URL appearing on the address bar of your web browser. This is your Facebook page URL.
  • After getting Facebook page URL use the find my Facebook account tool to find fb id

How Do I Find My Facebook Group ID?

  • Open Facebook on your device.
  • Simply go to the Facebook Group of your preference.
  • The URL of your browser for your group ID will appear in the address bar.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into our find my FB account tool.
  • The utility will display your Facebook group ID instantly.

How to Find Group Links Via Facebook App?

  • Open Facebook on your device.
  • Find the Facebook group.
  • Click on the three dots on the right to open a menu.
  • Press Share and hit on Copy Link.

Can Facebook ID be used for Facebook Retargeting Ads?

Facebook has emerged as a perfect medium for promoting your product or services to your targeted audience. A username, personal details like D.O.B., location, contact details, and email address on Facebook can easily identify the targeted audience. Filtering a targeted audience is possible since each piece of content on Facebook has a unique ID. Leading companies follow tailor-made campaigns to attract their targeted audience and manage their promotional activities towards specific people or groups, using Facebook's defined audience based on their Facebook IDs.


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