This simple favicon generator tool enables you to create professional favicons for personal or commercial use for free. Just upload the file and click ‘Generate Favicon’ button now!

(Max Size 2Mb)

Favicon Generator is an amazingly useful tool that will enable you to easily and quickly create a desired icon for your website. If you are looking for a free favicon generator to create an image, character or letter favicon then this tool is a must have for you that will let you create free favicon anytime you need. Favicon generator and favicon editor tools hold great significance in the branding of a website or an online business.

Favicon is a short for “favorite icon”, also known as URL icon, website icon, shortcut icon, tab icon or bookmark icon. It is an icon that appears next to any website’s URL in the address bar of a browser or next to a website’s name in the open tabs or bookmark list. Every website or webpage has its own particular favicon. The standard size for favicon is 16x16 px or 32x32 px.

Previously, there didn’t exist any such tool that could help in generating favicons. However, with the advancement in the world of computers and IT, today there are many free favicon maker tools available over internet that can make it easier for you to generate free favicon for your website whenever and wherever you want.

Do you own a website? If your answer is yes then you need a favicon and for that favicon generator, favicon convertor and favicon editor are the tools that are must have for you. Favicons are essential for the immediate visual identification of your website, enabling web users to have a more convenient and easy navigation. When you are surfing internet with twenty opened tabs, it’s easier to click on the icons than reading through the link text. Other than making it easier for users to identify and locate their favorite web pages, favicons also play a very significant role in the product recognition and branding of a website.

We are offering you a quick, efficient and an absolutely free favicon maker and it is simply one of the best favicon generator tools that you can possibly get your hands on. Do you still need more reasons? Just take our word!

The user-friendly interface and straight forwardness of this free favicon tool is what makes it a best favicon generator over internet. Its functionality is extremely simple, you only have to select the pixel size and upload the image that should not be more than 2MB, then click on “Create” button and within seconds you will get the results.

Once you get the results, now it’s the time to upload the icon to your website.

  1. Upload the icon to your website and then, verify it by typing https://yoursite.com/favicon.ico in the location of browser, where "yoursite.com" is the website you are adding the icon to.
  2. Now, insert the given code in the HEAD of the pages and the main index page of the website.
  1. Whenever you are using any favicon generator, always keep in mind while deciding about the format that IE doesn’t play very well with .png format.
  2. Favicons, in general, are far more flexible than Internet Explorer would have you believe. As compared to IE, other browsers support a much wider implementation of favicons.

Now, it’s time for you to try our free favicon generator yourself and create some nice favicons for your websites. However, we will appreciate if you would spare a minute to let us know of your feedback, so we can improve out tool.

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