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Compress Image to 1MB

Easily shrink your image files down to 1MB while maintaining excellent visual clarity using our advanced compress image to 1MB tool. 

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Up to 20 images, max 5 MB each

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About Compress Image to 1MB Tool

Compress image to 1MB is a free-of-cost tool offered by SmallSEOTools to help people reduce the size of their large-sized images to 1 MB. While using this facility, you won’t have to compromise on the quality of your pictures due to its exceptional compression results. Despite being advanced and offering top-quality compression, this image compressor to 10KB doesn’t impose any restrictions on its usage. You can compress as many images as you desire without facing any limits.  

How to Compress JPEG to 1MB Online?

You don’t need to acquire technical expertise or the knowledge of compression techniques to compress JPEG to 1MB. You are just required to follow the simple instructions below.

Choose File

Click the upload button to explore and select a file for compression from your device’s storage.

Note: You can also drag and drop files or import images from cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive).

Press Button

Then, you need to hit the “Compress image to 1Mb” button to start the process.

View and Download

Within no time, the compressed image file will be displayed on your screen that you can view and save on your device by clicking the “Download” button.

Compress Large-Sized Images without Losing Quality

Photographers, artists, graphic designers, and content creators often face difficulty organizing their large-sized images. These people have the option to compress their visuals, but the fear of losing quality doesn’t allow them to take this opportunity. You no longer need to be worried about losing the quality of your JPEG files, as the image compressor to 1MB utility is here for your assistance. The advanced compression methods utilized by this tool ensure to keep the quality of your photos intact. You won’t even see the slightest difference in the appearance of your images after compressing their size with this online tool.

Reduce Image Size to 1MB on Desktop and Mobile

Compatibility issues can keep you away from reducing the size of your images. You must have needed help finding a utility that allows you to compress image size to 1MB on your desktop or mobile device. Now you can say goodbye to this nuisance and reduce image size to 1MB from any desktop or mobile device due to the arrival of this tool. You can visit this site online and compress image to 1 MB. Unlike various web platforms, this tool won’t even ask you to get registered, as you can start reducing the size of your images to 1MB on the go.

Features of Compress Image to 1MB Tool

When using the 1 MB photo size compressor, you can enjoy various features it brings. Some of them include the following:

  • Easy Accessibility

The 1 MB size photo compressor is easily accessible from all around the globe. You don’t need a specific device to use this tool to image compress to 1 MB. Whether you have an Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device, you can easily access this utility and reduce the image to 1MB in no time.

  • All Browsers Supported

All browsers support the image compressor to 1MB. You won’t be asked to access it through a particular web browser. You can get your hands on this tool from any browser, including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

  • No Installation Required

Since this compress image to 1MB facility is entirely web-based, you won’t be required to install a software program or plugin to use it. All you need is a stable internet connection to access this image compression tool over the web.

  • Super-Fast Results

When you choose to use this 1 mb size photo compressor, you won’t have to invest time or effort in compressing your pictures. This tool works on advanced algorithms that generate super-fast results. Your request to compress an image to 1MB is processed within no time, and you can download the compressed file on your device with a single click. 

Safe and Secure Compression

The 1mb size photo compressor ensures to handle your images safely and securely. The privacy of the users is our utmost priority; hence, our tool makes sure to keep your data confidential. Your pictures are neither stored in its databases nor transmitted to any third-party website. This tool safely removes your uploaded images once it completes the compression process.


  • Can I Compress Image to 1MB on Mobile?

Yes! You can compress image to 1MB with SmallSEOTools’ online utility from any mobile device. 

  • How Do I Reduce Image Size to 1MB?

You can reduce image size by simply accessing this web-based photo compressor to  1MB. It just asks you to submit the pictures you wish to compress and hit the given button to get 1MB compressed files immediately.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Compress Images to 1MB?

It doesn’t cost a penny to compress images to 1MB with the image compressor offered by SmallSEOTools. This tool allows you to compress as many JPEG files as you desire without paying any charges.


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