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In the last few years, SEO experts and Google itself has declared the verdict that site's speed is everything. Everyone is looking for different ways to enhance their site's loading speed to give a more user-friendly experience. First impressions speak a lot and don’t give a second chance to many. It's because everything starts with speed. You'll have to put all your efforts to make your site more workable from the user's perspective. The first and foremost thing that you should be well-versed is about the loading speed of your website.

If your site's loading speed is not good enough, it will drift away from the user, and your bounce-back rate will increase. If the site is taking ages to load, only fewer people will stick, while the rest will move to some other online platform.

In the last couple of years, due to the rise of smartphones, tablets, and other related devices site's loading speed has become essential. In a recent survey, it was revealed that the average site takes 15 seconds to load on mobile devices. On the other hand, the netizens expect to load the site within three seconds. It clearly depicts that every second can be regarded as the baseline to make the user stay on the site. If it is taking too long to load the website, your conversion rate will drop sharply.

There are plenty of options to increase the site's loading speed. One of them is to manage your site's server by uploading GZIP compression files. It will let the server work faster, and the browser's response to loading the content will also work more efficiently. If you want to check your site’s compressed and uncompressed size, you can use the Check GZIP compression tool. It will give you an in-depth look at your site's compressed and uncompressed files.

Did you know: Google has announced several times that faster the loading speed higher the chances to rank in the search engine result page. Try our Page Speed Test now!

Currently, every site is making it possible to enhance the user experience. Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithms. Therefore, site owners are fixing their site structures, removing old posts, and improving the redirects. Along with that, they are even investing a lot in increasing the site's loading speed by hosting their website on efficient servers. They are spending a considerable sum of amounts on efficient hosting plans. If you have invested in a good web server, then there are higher chances that Google bots will come to your site more quickly to grab all the information.

Your site should have GZIP compression files; it will increase your site's loading speed. Along with that GZIP online will enable Google crawlers to crawl and index your website at a faster pace. For this, the big need was of a Check GZIP compression/ GZIP test tool that can tell you the percent of your time save for loading the webpage.

If you want a substantial chunk of visitors to your site, then you should enhance your site's loading speed in your niche. You've to be faster than your competitors. Especially if you're running an e-commerce site, you can't afford the site to take ages for loading. It will turn away your potential prospects, and your sales conversion rate will drop sharply. It takes only a split-second for the internet users to hit the back button and bear in mind they will never return to your site again. If your site's loading speed is faster, it will not only improve your CTR but will also increase brand loyalty among the customers.

Google and other search engines are preferring to rank mobile-friendly sites, to deliver a more user-friendly experience. It is because mobile delays can be frustrating for many users; to make your visitors happier, you’ll have to work on this aspect.

In recent times, GZIP Compression has become the de-facto standard for many sites to upload compressed versions of files on web hosting servers. It was developed for the ease of website owners to make the process swifter for them. In this regard, the browsers are working to manage the compressed files and decompress it to display for the users.

Nowadays, websites are swamped with visual, graphic, audio, textual, and video content. It becomes difficult for the browsers to load the content in a matter of seconds if the files are not in compressed format. These files handle large chunks of files and let the server use less bandwidth and space. It ultimately leads to less burden on the server.

You can use our extremely efficient check GZIP compression tool to look into the compressed files on your web server. The tool has been developed by the highly-skilled team to meet the needs of our users. You might have never stumbled upon such a swift online utility to check GZIP.

Small SEO Tools has always remained at the forefront to facilitate the users beyond their expectations. We're continuously putting our efforts to provide the best SEO and other web-related services to the users. You'll be amazed to know that GZIP Compression Tool can help you in figuring out the shortcoming on your server-side. It will let you identify the compressed and uncompressed file on your server. It will allow you to rectify those files to make your site loading speed faster.

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