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Calorie Calculator

The best calorie calculator helps you to calculate calories your body needs to lose, gain or maintain your current weight.

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About Calorie Calculator

The calorie calculator by SmallSEOTools is an online tool that helps users in keeping a check on the number of calories they are consuming in a day. This calorie counter is based on advanced algorithms that provide you with precise results. Whether you wish to track calorie intake on your smartphone or desktop, you can easily access and use this calorie intake calculator to get results instantly! In addition, this tool can also help you set calorie consumption goals to maintain, gain, or lose weight.

Steps to Use the Calories Calculator

The process of using this daily calorie calculator is quite simple. This tool calculate maintenance calories in two different modes including US Units and Metric Units.

The following steps will enable you to calculate calories:

US Units:

  • First of all, choose the BMR estimation formula.
  • After that, select your gender and enter your age.
  • Enter your height in feet and inches.
  • Submit your weight (in pounds) and select your activity level and result unit.
  • Click the Calculate button to get results instantly!

Metric Units:

  • Firstly, select the BMR estimation formula from the available options.
  • Secondly, choose your gender.
  • After that, enter your age, height (in cm), and weight (in kg).
  • Choose your activity level and result unit.
  • Finally, hit the button to initiate the process and get your hands on an accurate calorie count!

Formulas used for Calorie Calculator 

The functionality of our best calorie calculator is based on the popular BMR estimation formulas. This tool helps you with the calculation of calories through your desired formula. Here are the equations that run in our backend to provide you with calorie consumption data. 

Mifflin-St Jeor Equation:

(Men) BMR = 10W + 6.25H – 5A + 5

(Women) BMR = 10W + 6.25H – 5A - 161

 Revised Harris-Benedict Equation:

(Men) BMR = 13.397W + 4.799H – 5.677A + 88.362

(Women) BMR = 9.247W + 3.098H – 4.330A + 447.593

Katch-McArdle Equation:

(both men and women) BMR = 370 + 21.6(1 – F) W

For these equations:

W = Weight (in kg)

H = Height (in cm)

A = Age

F = Body Fat Percentage

What is the Purpose of a Calorie Counter?

The calorie counter is designed to assist users in managing their body weight as per their desire. Whatever you eat in a day contains calories, and without keeping a count on how much is your daily calorie intake, you won’t be able to achieve your desired weight. The basic purpose of a calories calculator is to assist people who are worried about how many calories should I eat while maintaining, losing, or gaining weight. This tool takes your weight, height, age, and gender into account and helps you figure out the number of calories your body needs to sustain your current weight. 

Calories in Common Foods

Here is the table that can help you understand the calories contained in some common foods that most people eat in a day.


No. Of Calories

Bread (one slice)


Carrots (1 cup)


Chicken Breast (roasted, 3 ounces)




Rice (cooked, 1 cup)




Potato Chips (1 ounce)


Pizza (One Slice)


Milk (8 ounces)




Calorie Intake Calculator to Maintain or Lose Weight

Do you wish to maintain your current weight, or are you looking forward to losing weight? In either case, you can make use of the daily calorie intake calculator to find the number of calories you can eat to achieve or sustain your desired weight. Your diet has a major role in your body weight. Staying fit and healthy is what everyone desires. 

The calorie intake calculator can help you understand the number of calories your body requires to achieve a certain weight. If you wish to lose weight, it can assist you in reducing the weight in mild, moderate, and fast ways by suggesting calorie consumption accurately!

Benefits of Counting Calories

Calorie counting brings several benefits to individuals. These benefits include the following:

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

You can achieve your fitness goals by consuming the exact number of calories that your body needs.

Make Better Food Choices

People count calories to figure out how many calories should I eat a day to maintain or lose weight, you can make better food choices. As a result, your diet and health can improve.

Get Motivation

Calorie counting also brings motivation to individuals in improving their eating habits. When you know how many calories do i need for my daily diet, it gives you the motivation to stay fit and exercise regularly.


Is a Calorie Calculator Accurate?

A calorie calculator uses the BMR estimation formula to help you estimate your daily calorie needs. As the equations use fixed values, they might not give you 100% accurate results, but you can still rely on them when you wish to maintain or lose weight.

What Factors Does a Calorie Calculator Take into Account?

The daily calorie calculator takes multiple factors into account to provide users with accurate results. These factors include:

  • BMR Estimation Formula
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Activity Level

 How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day?

Your daily calorie intake depends upon certain factors, such as your gender, height, weight, body fat percentage, and activity level. In order to calculate calories you should eat a day, you must turn to the daily calorie intake calculator for maintaining weight.  

How to calculate maintenance calories?

Men and women both can calculate maintenance calories by the following formulas:

For Men:

Maintenance Calories = (10 x weight(kg)) + (6.25 x height(cm)) – (5 x age(years)) – 5)

For Women:

Maintenance Calories = (10 x weight(kg)) + (6.25 x height(cm)) – (5 x age(years)) – 161)

For easy calculation, people can take assistance from a maintenance calorie calculator to keep the weight same.

Do your Maintenance Calories Fluctuate?

Maintenance calories refer to the calories that neither cause weight loss nor weight gain - thus maintaining the current body state. These calories are influenced by two primary factors: basal metabolic rate (BMR) and physical activity level (PAL). Change in these factors affects your maintenance calories. Whenever you feel any difference in your body count calories with the help of the maintenance calories calculator.

How Often Should I Use a Calorie Counter?

You should make use of a calorie counter on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s also recommended to use it when you find a difference in your weight.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Calories Calculator?

You can find a reliable calories calculator on SmallSEOTools. Its advanced tool provides you with an accurate estimation of how many calories your body needs.

Does Sweating Burn Calories?

When you sweat during exercise, it makes your metabolism engaged. Hence, it can be regarded as an indicator of burning calories. Individuals with serious fitness goals must estimate how many calories should I burn a day, week, or month.

What Are Empty Calories?

The empty calories are those calories that come from food items that contain no nutrients. We consume empty calories from a variety of food, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, cakes, cookies, sweets, etc.

How to Calculate Calorie Intake for Losing Weight?

A caloric intake calculator provides you with the estimation of calories that your body needs in order to lose weight. You can reduce your calorie consumption accordingly to lose weight.


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