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Broken links can have a negative impact on your website’s usability and ranking. Website Broken Link Checker enables you to identify the broken links. Enter the URL to check your site for broken links now!

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Broken Backlink Can Suffocate Your SEO

Does Broken Links Affect SEO? That’s one question that often bothers many.

Many people argue that backlinks are no more effective strategy to rank websites. If you are one of those, let’s give it a second thought. Because, incoming links are an essential signal for search engines like Google to rank websites.

It’s not a matter of choice for SEO experts to go for inbound links, as it has become necessary to rank the sites in SERP. If your website lacks essential backlinks from a reputable site. You will be likely not able to place your website in the top search results of search engines.

When it comes to dead links or more commonly known as broken links; it has a severe impact on the SEO of your site. The search engines will neither be able to crawl the webpage nor index it, which will seriously harm your site’s overall performance.

  • Google Hate Dead Links

    If you are looking to impress the major search engine giant “Google” then you should be very conscious regarding your broken backlinks. Currently, the latest algorithms of Google prefer to provide a better user experience. And does not have a preference to rank sites with missing or broken links. To look upon the dead links of your website from referring domains, you can perform link analysis with the help of our Broken Backlinks Checker.

  • User Experience & Dead Links

    Dead links may drift away users from your site, as they will no longer be able to access the information they are looking for. To be honest 404-page error becomes annoying most of the time. Users get irritated, and they move for another site, which can provide the information instantly. So, it is better to fix your broken links without any delay to give a better user experience.

How to Use Our Tool to Find Broken Backlinks?

Internet is flooded with tools and programs that let you check missing backlinks. But most of them are paid, or if you find a free tool, they are not capable of generating accurate results. You will end up with disappointment by using these utilities.

SST’s Broken Backlinks Checker is one of the most efficient tools to perform the task of checking missing inbound links from referring domains.

Below are simple steps to use this utility.

  • Visit our webpage
  • Insert URL in the given field
  • Click on “Check Broken BackLinks” button
  • The tool will generate a detailed Report.

The tool is highly beneficial for not only beginners but professional SEO experts. It will let them track their existing backlinks and fix them if they found any broken links to their site or webpage from the referring domains.

We would recommend using this tool not only to rank your website but along with that also utilize the tool to outrank your competitors. It will let you to not only increase your Domain Authority and Page Authority. But along with that, you will also be able to generate traffic to your site.

How to Utilize Dead Links Checker to Outrank Competitors?

It is not a new phenomenon that Google is updating its algorithm regularly. The search engine is always trying to introduce new strategies and tactics to preclude spammy links to get ranking in SERP. But in the past few years, the search engine has focused on ranking sites or webpages, having quality inbound links. So, generally, it is recommended to have to 20 quality incoming links instead of 60 links from low domain authority or spammy sites.

Before starting to create incoming links, you need to strategize your link building strategy. You can look upon broken inbound links of your competitors and to take an in-depth look for this purpose you can search for their 404 content pages. You only have to plug your rival’s site’s URL into the given field of check missing backlinks. The tool will fetch dead links in a matter of instant for you. You will get to know about their missing pages from referring domains. After that, you can contact the respective site to add your link to the page to increase your domain authority and page authority as well.

Perform Link Analysis with Small SEO Tools

Did you know: It has been revealed in a recent survey that every site contains at least one dead inbound link.

The problem concerns both startup sites and well-established online web portals. Even fortune 500 face the same issue. The survey results indicate that only 35% of visitors try to find the link after coming across the “404 error page.” While the rest of the 65% don’t even bother for a second attempt.

Inbound links demonstrate the quality, dependability, and reliability of your site. Backlinks are not the only determinant of the credibility of your website, but over the years, it has become essential and challenging as well. The more domains referring to your website, the more are the chances that the search engines like Google will allow you to have a higher ranking.

We are providing you with an effective broken backlinks checker that can provide you with accurate results to know about the broken links from referring domains. With the help of our dead links checker, you will be able to rectify the links and along with that will be able to develop an effective link building strategy.

Fix Your Site’s Broken Links

The simplest way to get link juice is to identify and fix broken inbound links to your website.

Such backlinks are already yours but are not aiding to rank your content. All you need is to put your website’s URL into the check broken links tool, and we’ll get all the missing links from web pages that are referring to your site. You can turn your missing links into the strongest links by fixing them. You will have to redirect these pages by setting up 301 redirects to any other or the same page of your site. You can discover broken inbound links quickly by using this free online tool.

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