Osama Sheikh

Technical Writing
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Speak with motivation, write with inspiration, and work with passion is my motto. I’ve been writing since my hidden talent revealed itself in 2015 and began working at Content Arcade in 2018. I love acquiring and sharing knowledge about new developments taking place in this cyberspace. According to me, if you have the ability to do something then be the best at doing it.
Full Name:
Osama Wasim
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Osama Sheikh
Job Title:
Technical Writing
Content Arcade
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Favorite Things:
People’s point of view
Member Since:
May, 2022
Favorite Topics:
The internet and you
Performance Overview
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Do We Need Voice Search Analysis?
Voice-enabled, or voice search is a way of searching over the internet through a voice command rather than typing it into the search field. ...
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Users Can Test Their Real Code In Google’s AMP & Mobile Friendly
Google a search engine and a company that provides services related to the internet, has added a new feature to their AMP and mobile-friendly testing tool....
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Apple Surprise Everyone With A White Credit Card & Gaming Service
Apple a multinational company, we all know of, because of its electronics and other online services, revealed an astonishing surprise....
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White Hat SEO VS. Black Hat SEO
Have you ever wonder about doing black hat SEO for your site ? If yes then first have a look on its pros and cons here....
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Google Added Features For Responsive Display Ads
Google a search engine and a company that specializes in services and products related to the internet brought new features for displaying responsive ads....
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Samsung Sued For Copying The Smartwatch Designs Allegedly
Samsung is the South Korean multi-national company which comprises numerous affiliated businesses, and Samsung Electronics is a part of it. The company was sued by the watchmakers Swatch Group which also includes brands like Omega and Swatch....
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Google Warned Chrome Users To Update It ASAP
Google has asked all the Google Chrome browser users to update it instantly because of a bug that can let outsiders muddle through your data....
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Facebook Becomes Tougher For Anti-Vaxers
Facebook is ready to take action against the wrong information about vaccines. A representative claims that this platform is becoming tough for misleaders....


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