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Convert your ASCII Code into text online in seconds.

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About ASCII to Text Converter Online

When it comes to the conversion of ASCII to text, the manual process can take an ample amount of time. There is a distinct ASCII code for each of the 128 characters; hence, memorizing all of them isn’t possible for any person. You can use the ASCII table to perform this conversion, but it can still leave chances of inaccuracies. That’s why SmallSEOTools is here with its online ASCII to text converter. This ASCII converter takes a few seconds to process your request and perform the required conversion. 

How to Use Our ASCII to Text Converter?

The process of using our ASCII to text converter is quite simple. You are just required to follow the simple set of instructions given below to convert ASCII to text:

  • Upload a file containing ASCII code or simply paste the values in the given box.
  • Hit the “Convert to ASCII” button to get started.
  • Get converted text instantly in the adjacent box.

Features of ASCII Converter

Our ASCII converter consists of a variety of features that make it an exceptional option to convert ASCII to text. Some of its features include the following: 

Completely Free

Our ASCII translator is completely free-of-cost tool that allows you to convert ASCII to text as many times as you want without any charges.

Easy to Use

You aren’t required to follow any hard and fast rules to use our ASCII decoder. All you need to do is submit the ASCII code to convert it into text with this tool. 

Fast Conversion

No matter what length of ASCII code you wish to convert into text, the super-quick algorithms of this tool execute the ASCII conversion to text in a matter of seconds. 


This ASCII converter won’t let you come across accuracy issues, as its advanced technology makes sure to convert each ASCII character to text precisely. 


You don’t need a specific device to access this ASCII converter due to its super-compatibility with all kinds of devices. Whether you are using an iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux device, you can easily access and use this tool to convert ASCII to text.

Understanding ASCII Codes

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. You can perceive ASCII as a secret language computers and other digital devices use to depict and display characters. ASCII codes are a set of numbers specifically assigned to letters, numbers, and symbols. With this representation of human-understandable text in ASCII codes, it becomes easier for computers to communicate with one another.

Whenever you type a command on a keyword, the computer is able to understand what you are saying, as it converts your words into ASCII codes. Similarly, if you have encountered a set of ASCII codes, some information is encoded in them. In order to understand ASCII codes, you’ll need to know the respective number, letter, or symbol they represent. That’s why we have introduced the ASCII translator, which makes it easier for you to comprehend ASCII codes without following any intricate procedure.

Uses of ASCII Numbers

The ASCII numbers have various use cases in the world of programming and development. Here are the most common uses of ASCII numbers: 

Programming Languages

When developers write computer programs, they often use ASCII numbers to represent letters, numbers, and symbols. With ASCII codes, they are able to make computers understand what a program is supposed to do.

Data Transmission

The data transmission also makes use of ASCII numbers. When an email or text message is sent, the data is converted into ASCII codes to make it easily transmissible over the internet. 

Character Recognition

Software programs like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) also use ASCII numbers. This software program uses ASCII codes to understand and convert printed or handwritten text into digital data. 


ASCII codes are also used to instruct and make printers understand what characters and symbols must be printed on paper. The ASCII numbers can be perceived as the instructions for the printer devices. 

Data Analysis

The researchers and data analysts make use of ASCII numbers to study and evaluate text-based data. The ASCII numbers make data analysis easier for them as they can work with large amounts of information. 

Privacy of Users’ Data

We at SmallSEOTools value the privacy of all our users. We understand that the fear of losing the confidentiality of data keeps people away from using online tools like ASCII code translators. That’s why we have designed this tool in a way that won’t compromise the secrecy of your data. Your ASCII codes get removed from the servers of our tool once it completes conversion and presents the results. Therefore, you can use this tool to convert ASCII to text without worrying about the privacy of your data. 


What is ASCII Text?

ASCII is an abbreviation for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This character encoding format is most popular due to its wide usage on computer devices and the internet. The codes written in ASCII represent text displayed on telecommunication devices and computers.

How Do I Convert ASCII Characters?

You can convert ASCII code to text by using the online ASCII to text converter on SmallSEOTools. This tool just asks you to enter the ASCII code in the given box and hit the “convert to text” button to decode it in a matter of seconds.

Can ASCII to Text Conversion Be Done Manually?

Yes! The ASCII-to-text conversion can be done manually with the help of the ASCII-to-text conversion table. Each character is represented with a unique ASCII code; hence, you need to use a table containing the accurate representation of ASCII codes to complete the conversion on your own. 

Is ASCII to Text Conversion Reversible?

Yes! You can reverse the conversion of ASCII to text by using the online text to ASCII converter. This tool allows you to convert any textual information into an ASCII code within a matter of seconds.

Can ASCII to Text Converter Handle Special Characters and Control Codes?

Yes! The ASCII-to-text converter can handle special characters and control codes. If your ASCII code represents some special characters or control codes, this tool will display accurate results instantly. 

How do you convert ASCII Code ‘65’ to Text?

You can convert ASCII ‘65’ to text by simply inserting it into our ASCII decoder. Once you submit it to this tool, it will instantly display its textual representation, i.e., “A.”

How to Convert ’72, 101, 108, 108, 111’ to Text?

The ASCII code ’72, 101, 108, 108, 111’ can be converted to text with ASCII to text converter by SmallSEOTools. The text result for this ASCII code is the English word “Hello.”


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