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Since the invention and launch of smart phones by Apple, which stunned the cell phone and the internet world; application developers quickly realized that a whole new market for applications had opened up. Other mobile phone makers realized that they would have to launch their smart phones or face elimination from the mobile phone market. The competition quickly developed and started manufacturing smart phones also. Apple had an advantage as they had developed their operating system iOS for their smart phones. Google was smart and decided to take advantage of this new market and developed its version of smart phones operating the system. They knew that Apple’s competitors would need one platform to use and developed and launched Android. Competing smart phone makers are using Google developed an operating system (Android) on their phones.

Since all smart phone users depend heavily on the internet to communicate and for work and entertainment, application developers were racing to get their applications to work on these devices in these two operating systems environments. Whatsapp (another Google application for free chatting), Twitter soared in popularity and are the most popular applications on smart phones. Asides from their features both applications are free, and that’s what smart phone users’ love.

Application developers brought out versions of their popular applications that could run on smart phones major operating systems. Right now Apple and Google operating systems are the two leading operating systems used on smart phones. Apple manufactures and markets its smart phones, on the other hand smart phone makers like Nokia, Samsung, etc. use the Google operating system.

Popular applications were quickly modified to operate in both these operating systems. New applications in all categories ranging from navigation, games, utilities, social media, etc. were developed and launched in the ‘Play Stores’ on smart phones.

Apple again surprised the world by launching their iPad which has further changed the way people communicate, work and get entertained. The iPad is a computer packed into a ten inch by six-inch tablet casing with a touch screen. Other computer makers were quick to copy Apple’s product and launch their line of tablets.

Today, some people carry around a smart phone and a tablet when moving around. Public places like airports, railway stations, cafes, restaurants have been forced to install Wi-Fi systems to retain their customers and attract new customers. Wherever people gather they expect to connect to the internet over a free Wi-Fi system. Trains, airlines and intercity buses also provide free Wi-Fi to the travelers.

Developing applications for smart phones and tablets has raised the bar for application development. If you want your application to be popular, it has to be able to work on these devices. Popular applications and websites have had to change their products to be easily visible and usable on this new line of internet devices.

The field of apps on smart phones and tablets is snowballing that apps developers have to work around the clock to launch their products before other competitors do. For example, look for ‘flashlight’ in Play Store on your smart phone, and you will see at least four or five versions available. It is just to give an idea of how tough the competition among apps is.

Developers and marketers are constantly thinking of new products that people want on their smart phones. People seem lost without their smart phones, and not being able to get a fast speed connection for the internet can drive them crazy. Any apps that are free and useful get popularized on the social media and people instantly start downloading and installing them. That’s how insane the smart phone and tablet market has become.

People have been seriously injured because they were so engrossed in their smart phones that they were not looking where they were going.

What any apps developer wants to know is; what are the popular and high ranking apps in a particular area. He or she has thought of an app, but before getting down to developing it needs to do some market research. They want to know who will be their competitors in a certain category and a certain area. For example, a developer may have thought of a game and wants to launch it in the United States. The developer would like to know the most popular games currently in America. Once this data is available, he or she will know if this market can be tapped and what steps they will need to take to compete and get a high ranking.

To conduct their research, developers should use apps rank tracking tool. This tool has been designed and launched to help developers explore the potential market before they develop and launch their brainchild.

You can go to from your search browser and either type in ‘apps rank tracking tool.’ You don’t need to type in the whole phrase as the app will complete the phrase for you. Or to go directly to the app you can copy/paste in the navigation bar of your search browser.

After the app opens, type in the country that you want to search on. Select the type by pressing the down arrow in the type bar. Next, select the category and the maximum number of results to display. After entering the data, press the ‘Submit’ icon. The application will display the results.

You can now study the results, rerun the application and change the parameters. It’s a free tool so you can use it as often as you want.

If you have selected any category like books or games or sports, it will display the apps ranked by popularity in that category.

It is a convenient tool for web apps developers. It gives them an insight of the most popular apps in that country. Knowing your competition and the challenges facing you is precious information.