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Visitor Counter

The visitor hit counter is ideal for retro websites, small business websites, or brand new websites that need to give new visitors a boost in confidence. The visitor hit counter is a front-end tool that simply shows how many visitors have been on a website or web page. Each time a new visitor visits that website or page, the counter will increase by one more number.

There are a variety of styles and options available to choose from, allowing you to customize your visitor hit counter to fit any website design or theme.

To install the visitor hit counter on your website, simply enter the URL for the web page you want to track (or enter your home page address) and the number you want to start at. This is a neat way to boost the visitor counts on a brand new website, because higher views will give new visitors more confidence in the credibility and rapport of your site. That’s the point, isn’t it?


Next, choose the number of digits you want to display in the visitor counter (from single digits to the millions) and then decide if you want the counter to display page views overall or restrict the count to unique visitors only.

Finally, click on the button to generate a code that you can copy and paste to install the visitor hit counter anywhere you want it on your website.