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About Pokemon Go Server Status Finder

Pokemon Go is a game that was launched in July, 2016. It has been downloaded by more than 100 million users across the world. The game involves the players to capture, train and then battle their captured Pokemons who appear on the screen of the device just as if they are actually present in the same real world location as that of the player. It is a free game that is played by millions in real time and consequently, suffers from frequent server outages. Frequent server outages can be extremely annoying for Pokemon Go lovers and that’s when our handy tool comes into play. Now, whenever you experience a Pokemon Go server downtime, you can utilize this useful tool to find the Pokemon Go online server status. Our devoted team has come up with this exclusively designed “Pokemon Go Server Status Finder” tool. The functionality of this tool involves it to ping the servers and notifying you if the game servers in your region are working properly or not. It will let you know if the servers are Up or Down, as per the servers status.


When you use the tool to check the server status and it shows the status as Down or Unstable, you can click on “Refresh Status” again after a while or come again later.