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Page Comparison Tool

Small SEO Tools provides a large variety of tools that can be used for many purposes, including but not limited to search engine optimization and internet marketing. One aspect of building and maintaining a strong presence on the web is authenticity.

There are countless reasons why you want to be original, above and beyond web marketing purposes, but it also becomes more challenging to be unique online when there are so many competitors that are likely to express similar messages.

This Page Comparison tool will quickly compare the text across two different pages. The results will let you see the Page Title, Meta Tag info, and common phrases occurring on the pages in a side by side analysis. A high “content similarity percentage” is not a good thing. (You can also use this tool to analyze text in a side by side comparison.)

If you find that your previously published content has been stolen or copied, the best thing to do is collect hard evidence (such as proof of ownership, time stamps, etc.) before seeking legal counsel and sending a DMCA take down letter. Plagiarism and copyright infringement is a serious offense, and this tool can easily identify if two web pages are identical, or too similar to both be original.