Check GZIP compression



What Is GZIP Compression?

GZIP is an approach which is used for the compression of files for faster network transmission as the files load extremely fast. Compressing files will allow the web server to deliver smaller file size which enhances faster loading for visitors of a website. It has become a standard practice now, any quality website works on page speed which is one of Google’s most important ranking factors and the best approach for doing that is to check and enable GZIP compression.

How to Use Check GZIP Compression Tool?

If you are interested in enabling GZIP compression, you can enable it for your website. Once, you have set it up then you will need to verify if the web server is sending the exact GZIP enabled header. And that’s where our handy tool comes into play, you can use it to check GZIP compression. This tool has a very user-friendly interface that will allow you to easily and quickly perform the GZIP compression test.


For using this tool, you just have to enter your website URL and our tool will give you the results whether the web server is sending the GZIP command to users or not.