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About JS Minifier:

JS Minifier is a javasript compressing tool that is used for minifying and compressing javascript files. The tool works amazingly by reducing the file size as it removes all the unnecessary whitespaces, newlines, indentation and extra characters. It also helps Javascript obfuscation, making it hard to read and copy.


JS Minifier Will Help You In These Areas:

  • Download time is comparatively reduced when javascript is compressed.
  • The bandwidth consumption of the website is minimized.
  • File size is reduced and consequently, script execution time speeds up.
  • When various javascript files are compressed into a single file, HTTP requests on server are reduced and as a result server load is reduced as well, enhancing the visitor’s access to your website.


Why Should You Use Our JS Minifier?

We are offering you a free online javascript compressor that has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to minify and compress your javascript files with great ease.

How To Compress Javascript Using Our JS Minifier?

  1. Simply copy and paste your Javascript code in the text box and click on the button "Submit".
  2. Upload the javascript files and click on “Compress Files” button. Remember, you can upload up to 10 files of 2MB each.