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About Change Text Case Tool

Are you searching for a sophisticated tool that can change overall text case of your words or group of words? If so, then you are at right place! There is a vibrant brand new tool named Change Text Case that will enable you to convert the case of any text easily and simply. It is an online uppercase to lowercase converter, and it doesn’t matter what your text case is; it will change your text to lower case, upper case, title case, or even sentence case.

Our state-of-the-art caps converter tool is something that you will surely want to have, no matter if you are a businessperson, college professor or student. You will find it extremely handy. Never mind, if you typed a full paragraph in CAPS. All you need to do is to paste all CAPS text in the form, click a button, and afterwards you have a quickly rendered piece of text!

Amongst a number of SEO tools, ours is an innovative change text case tool that is around to help individuals. The key purpose of this tool is to work by means of including in content and working on only some particular segments of text that are manually chosen and emphasized by individuals. You will quickly get the content that has been changed with the most suitable casing. Our super-fast Change Text Case tool is completely free to utilize. Please support this sophisticated tool through linking it. Our visitors are really in love with this highly superlative uppercase online converter.

What does Our Change Text Case Online Tool Offer?

The key motive of this free online change text case tool is to help individuals automatically change uppercase to lowercase. Its key features are similar to the inbuilt function of MS word. If you ever work with Microsoft Word, you will notice that all the words will automatically convert to uppercase or lowercase or they will be underlined with a green or red highlight. This is to point out that these specific words are either incorrect grammatically or mismatch in the sentence. The same is the example for changing uppercase online tool. It is, indeed, an excellent replacement for Microsoft Word if unintentionally the auto-checker fails to rectify text. Along with making amendments into your text, you can also modify the style of font. You don’t need to work on every single word and can save sufficient amount of time as the tool can instantaneously work on overall document.

lighted Functions of Change Text Case Tool

Between all other search engine optimization (SEO) tools, the good thing regarding this particular one is that it is available with an online inbuilt plugin function. Hence, you actually don’t need to waste time in uploading documents online and afterwards waiting for the outcomes to be generated. With this in-plug feature, you get a chance to make amendments as you work. There are a number of highlighted features of this change text case tool. Mentioned below is a rapid overview of all highlighted functions of this tool:

    Auto Updates to Text
  • The most highlighted aspect of this sophisticated tool is that it repeatedly highlights portions of text and sends you updates regarding amendments and rectifications while you work.
  • Invert Case Function
  • This invert case feature inverts all case letters during the course of content. All upper case letters will convert to lowercase and vice versa.
  • Title Case Function
  • This title case function works on the headings and titles of the content. It modifies the first letter of the title in uppercase while automatically modifying the rest of words into lowercase.


How Can You Use Change Text Case?

Utilizing this tool is really very simple. We offer the simplest approach to benefit from this wonderful tool in the form of free online application function. Copy and paste the text you want to change case for and choose the option of change text from the available options. Your text will automatically be converted to the preferred Text Case, and the resulted text will be shown in the same text box. Click on “Copy to Clipboard” button, should you wish to copy and paste the text somewhere else.

The Easiest Approach to Change Text Between Lower Case, Upper Case and Sentence Case

This user-friendly Text Case Conversion tool is specifically developed to allow you to change chunks of text in any uppercase, lowercase or sentence case which you can afterwards export to a text document or simply copy/paste back to your file. Change Case - Convert lowercase to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase and more!

Thus in case you have typed a complete document and unintentionally left your caps lock button on - don’t be panic! If you want to ensure that a piece of document has all the proper capitalizations, you can now change it within instants. Or if you want to capitalize the very first letter of every single word, then only one click will do the work! Simply copy/paste your content into the field provided and click on buttons in the bottom to change it to one of the different cases, comprising off:

  • “Upper Case” which changes letters into capital
  • “Lower Case” which changes letters into small
  • “Proper Case” Which changes overall Text So Every single word with its first letter capitalized.
  • “Sentence Case” which capitalizes the first letter of every single sentence and changes the rest of text into lowercase; hence, the first letter after a full stop is changed into a capital letter.

After you have changed the text to your preferred case, you can merely highlight it and press “Control-C” button to copy, and afterwards “Control-V” button to paste it back in your desktop file. Thus, with our super-fast change text case tool, you can easily choose from numerous different styles such as lower case, upper case, title case, sentence case and more. Go and give it a try!