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The internet has provided a platform for people to maintain a personal journal. You can express your thoughts, feelings, experiences, passion through blogs. Blogs have given people an outlet to express themselves. Anyone can start a blog of their own, or they can contribute their blogs to someone else's blog site. That is if the owner of the blog site is ready to allow others to contribute. WordPress was one of the first organization's to recognize this passion for people to write blogs. They decided to encourage and help people to start their blog sites, and they still promote this. Although WordPress is being used to create other websites, it remains the world leader in helping people setup, run and manage their blog sites.

People want to express themselves, and previously the only audience that would listen to them would be their family and friends. Newspapers allowed people to write letters to the editor, but it was the editor who would decide whether to publish the letter or ignore it. Blogging now allows people to express themselves freely on their blog sites. The word blog has many derivatives. A blog is an entry in a personal journal, the person who writes blogs is known as a blogger, and the activity of writing blogs is known as blogging.


There are millions of free blog sites that you can go to on the internet and read some very informative and good blogs about topics that interest you. You could do a Google blog search, if you are interested in SEO blogs, you can find quite a few SEO bloggers.

Who Blogs?

If you are wondering who are those people who would write about their personal lives on a public forum? Don't be surprised; they are people just like you. Blogging has become a legitimate hobby, and every day millions of blogs are written and posted on the internet.

Some amazing tools have been created to help people who have very little technical knowledge to write blogs. If you can find your way onto the internet, you could start your blog site.

Some bloggers don't write about their personal lives and write on topics that they are passionate about or are of special interest to them. For example, some people are passionate about art; some are passionate about books, some of the cars and so on. Nowadays blogs provide information on virtually every topic that you can think of. As blogs are free and true accounts, people tend to read them as they know there are personal accounts and not driven by any particular motive.

Since there are no rules governing writing blogs, everyone has become a blogger. It's become easy to become a blogger and write blogs as there are so many amazing tools that are free to use. It costs very little to setup a blog site and to start blogging. But you must update the site with new blogs. If you don't people will stop visiting your site and reading your blogs. If you write top quality blogs on any topic of your choice, you will see people visiting your site and reading your blogs. When a blog site gains popularity, business houses get interested and want to post their ads on your blog site. So you can also make money by running a top quality blog site. Blogs provide first-hand information, and that's another reason why people like to read them.

Blog Finder Tool

Using a blog finder is like looking for a book online or in a library. If you know the author, you will type in the author's name, and a Google search would list sites of all the books written by that author. Now you can narrow down your search for the particular book you are looking for by finding its name. At a library, the same help would be provided by the librarian.

Similarly, you can find blogs by a particular bloggers or by topic. You can do a Google blog search, or you can use a free tool provided by You can visit the page through your search browser, or you can copy/paste in a search browser's address bar. The blog finder tool will be displayed. Here you enter the required information like keyword, category, and footprint and search. Different categories are displayed when you click on a category, and you can choose one. Similarly, you can select the footprint.

The blog search tool will return the results in a new tab on your browser. Now you can open the blog you want to read. It is one of the easiest ways of finding blogs. It’s a free to use the tool, and it's very handy.

Reading blogs keeps you updated on any new information on your topics of interest. As blogs are personal accounts, you get the feeling that you are listening to someone relate their own experience. It is really what most blogs are about.

Blog readers bookmark their favorite blog sites, and whenever a blog site is updated, they get a message. So they can immediately read the latest blog and maybe comment on it that is if the site allows comments. Most blog sites permit users comments, as that's one of the best and fastest ways to get feedback.

You can learn how to find a blog to follow, and how to search blogs on Google. It all depends on how passionate are you about remaining well informed about a topic of interest. If you are wondering how can blogs help you learn, you should look at a blog directory list and find blog sites on the topic that you want to learn about. After that, you can visit the blog sites, read the blogs and decide which ones can be of help to you. Blogs do not just contain text; bloggers include audio and video also to raise the interest of readers. So whether you want to find blog sites on a particular topic or by a blogger use a blog finder tool.