SEO Keyword Competition Analysis



About Keyword Competition Analysis Tool

Do you think that it’s easy to rank on search engines, especially Google? Think again!

Small SEO Tool has come up with a Keyword Competition Analysis Tool which provides you with a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis of the first page of Google results.


Contrary to a popular belief, it certainly isn’t easy to get a top rank in Google search results. As a matter of fact, for each keyword you will have a great competition going on from countless other websites across the world. In the past, it seemed more of a myth to many that they can determine how much time and effort they need to put to get better than their competitors.

With our Keyword Competition Analysis Tool, we have made it easier for you to have a detail keyword competition analysis of top Google results. All you need is to provide our tool with a keyword and let it do its job. Within seconds you will get the results, including Alexa Rank, PageRank, DMOZ, Domain Age and keyword presence in metadata etc.

Our handy tool will provide you with all the on page and off page SEO analytics of your top ranked competitors. Use it NOW!! And improve the traffic to your website.