Mobile Friendly Test



About Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Have you not made your website mobile friendly yet? Then you must do it today. For your online presence, having a mobile-friendly website is very crucial. In majority of the countries now, smartphone traffic has surpassed the desktop traffic. Small SEO Tools presents a mobile friendly test tool which is a smart, quick and reliable way to test whether your web page is mobile friendly or not.

Our mobile friendly test tool is very simple and easy to use. All you are require to do is enter the complete URL of your web page which you want to test, in the text field, and then click on Check button. This test typically takes only a few seconds to run and any redirects that are instigated by the page will be followed by the test.


The results of the test will include a screenshot of how the page actually appears to Google on a mobile device, as well as website status and its mobile friendly score.

Use our handy tool now and check the status of your website. In case, you get a low score you can work to improve and make your website more friendly for the smartphone devices.