HTML Minifier



About HTML Compressor:

The HTML Compressor is a tool or program that is used by web developers to reduce or compress HTML code by eliminating redundant line breaks, white spaces, tabs and other pointless objects in the code. It is the best and the simplest way to boost a website.

Our HTML Compressor Tool:

Many code compressor tools or programs are available online that you can use to compress HTML code. Our tool is unique due to its informal and user-friendly interface, using it you can easily reduce your HTML file size. If you have a high bandwidth then this tool will also allow you to save money by compressing HTML code and reducing the server bills.


How To Use Our HTML Compressor Tool?

Using our tool for compressing HTML is very simple:

  1. Just Copy & Paste the HTML code in the text box and click on “Submit”
  2. Upload the HTML files, remember that you can upload 10 files of maximum 2MB at a time and click on “Compress Files”