AVG Antivirus Checker



About AVG Antivirus Checker

Everything over internet is exposed to millions of users online such as a simple website which is accessed by thousands of people online. With increasing visitor count of your website, the chances of your website being threatened by viruses are also increased. The viruses can penetrate your system through various ways including a hacker or through your PC. They can be harmful to your website and can cause a poor site health. In such circumstances, it becomes essential for webmasters to keep regular check of their website’s health and to do so they need an antivirus checker tool.

Why Our AVG Antivirus Checker Tool?

We have developed a free website malware scanner tool that you can use to scan your website for different viruses and notifies you if it succeeds in finding any virus on the site. What makes our tool unique is that it needs no registration or installation and it has a user-friendly interface.


How To Use AVG Antivirus Checker Tool?

Our tool is very easy to use, offering you the best free virus protection for your website. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the URL of your website(s) in the text box. You can add up to 20 URLs at a time.
  2. Click on green “Submit” button.
  3. Results will be shown to you in a chart form with Domain and Status of the website.
  4. If you want to inspect a different URL then click on “Try New Sites”.