Amir Jalal

SEO / Marketing Manager
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I professionally adopted this enthusiastic field in the Year 2011 and chose SEO as my career because of the interest that developed over time. Now, I hold the position of Marketing Manager at because I like making improvements, not excuses. My passion for Search Engine Optimization gave my life a turn, and I want the world to know what I have learned so far about this staggering field of SEO. My work is what explains me the most, and I will continue to enhance the digital existence of Small SEO Tools.
Full Name:
Amir Khalid Jalal
Display Name:
Amir Jalal
Job Title:
SEO / Marketing Manager
Conten Arcade
FSD - Pakistan
Type of Work:
Technical SEO Specialist
Favorite Things:
E-gaming Traveling Food
Member Since:
May, 2022
Favorite Topics:
Advanced SEO SEO Analytics Keyword Research Technical SEO
Performance Overview
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