Thermaltake Launches Water Ram: A DDR4 Ram With Liquid Cooling

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It’s Thermaltake’s 20th anniversary and the company planned on introducing new products in the market with “Level 20” branding on their products. Thermaltake never backed down from adding RGB LEDs to its products and will continue to improve the quality and attractiveness.

Thermaltake introduced a liquid cooling RAM with the title WaterRam, though it is the first time the company launched something related to memory. This ram is available in 16GB and 32GB memory kits and has 3200MHz bus speed. We have seen memory sticks that lit up individually like corsair vengeance and G. skill trident Z, but Thermaltake made a water block that sits over the establishment of rams with fantastic RGB lights. Each ram module consists of 2 inches think heat sync, but according to the company, the water block reduces the heat by 37 percent which is a lot. These WaterRams with 32GB of memory is available for $439.99.




This isn’t the only thing the company introduced in 2019. The company introduced RGB Gaming Desks which are also a part of the level 20. There are two Desks introduced by the company one goes by the name level 20 GT Battle Station Gaming Desk, and the other one is called RGB Battle Station Gaming Desk. The RGB version comes with adjustable motors so the gamers can adjust the height according to his needs with amazing twenty customizable RGB lights whereas the GT battle station desk doesn’t have all the RGB style but definitely looks beautiful.

The suggested price for the GT battle station is almost around $400 whereas the RGB battle station is a little expensive with a cost of nearly $1099. Gamers start saving a little for this stunning battle station desk with Level 20 RGB Gaming keyboard which will be available in greyish and blackish color in 2 styles. One is mechanical, and the other is a titanium edition floating keycap design. The cost of these keyboards will be around $130.


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