Three Time Saving, Google-Safe SEO Hacks

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Sick of hearing/thinking/learning about the latest SEO strategies? You’re not alone. However, Google keeps changing the game on how we launch and maintain search engine optimization campaigns for long term, sustainable success.

For your convenience, here are 3 hacks that will help you manage your SEO campaign as effectively and efficiently as possible:

  1. Offer a search bar on your website, and pay attention to what visitors use it for.

    Internal search data tells you what content your audience wants, but isn’t easily seen right off the bat. Find out what your customer interests are by tracking internal search data, then you can build content around these needs and it will automatically pay off by satisfying visitors as well as search engines.
  2. Use Google Trends tool to find keyword selections

    You will get the best insight on related search phrases & volume using this tool, which will also allow you to filter data down to a specific geographic region. Check it out at
  3. Google Authorship

    It’s easy… and powerful. If you use WordPress, it’s even easier to plug the code into the header.php file of your website just once and you’re done. To put it in a nutshell, claiming authorship adds authority to your website, and blog. (Each article you publish will also have a more attention grabbing layout when shown in search results.)

Remember that these tips are not shady “seo tricks” or black/grey hat techniques to game the system with… because those efforts would only put you down an endless cycle of fixing mistakes.


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