Tips to Send Email Swiftly

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The innovation in technology has undoubtedly made it a no-uphill task to communicate with your friends sitting on different corners of the planet. Similarly, sharing information isn’t a challenging task in this global village. Easy access to digital platforms gives all of us the freedom to send or receive data easily without facing any intricacy.  

Are Emails Still in the Game?

 Emails are still the most effective, secure, and professional way to share confidential information. It has been found through research that the majority of people prefer receiving emails from brands and companies as compared to various other possible ways, including social media, direct messages, or found via search engines. Similarly, leading companies always prefer email as a medium to communicate with their clients and employees. However, the significance of emails may get compromised if handled inadequately.  

Prevent Your Emails from Getting Unnoticed

 There are some tips and tricks to get the best output from your emails. An email is of no use if not sent at the right time. Let’s try to understand this with an example before getting into the nitty-gritty of data. Your supervisor asked you to email the annual budget report of your company within half an hour. But what if you fail to send the email on time? Your chance of impressing your superior is definitely lost, and you may have to face severe circumstances. Similarly, an email that isn’t delivered timely is of no use or may lead you to bear severe circumstances. 

Here, the critical question arises: how does anyone face difficulty in sending emails, especially if they have an uninterrupted internet connection? Well, the size of the files attached to the emails may increase from the given limit, which causes difficulties in sending emails. This is the biggest issue that individuals often face while sending emails. But, the problem can be countered easily by following a few simple suggestions.

In this blog post, we will share valuable tips that will help you swiftly send emails. So, keep reading this blog post till the end to learn the methods of smooth data sharing through emails. 

Tips to Send Email Faster

 Individuals looking to speed up their email sending must focus on the aforementioned metrics. Below are some helpful ideas that allow you to send emails swiftly.

1.     Keep the Content Small and Precise

 As Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit”, conveying the crux of information precisely will make your email more effective and understandable. Writing lengthy essays in your email will damage its importance and increase its chances of going unnoticed. As per research, people don’t prefer reading long texts in emails. Emails with 50-150 words usually get replies with a response rate of up to 50%. This will not only enhance your chances of getting the desired output from your emails but also reduce the size of your emails. Similarly, attaching too many files to your email will certainly increase its size. Adding the most crucial files to your email is a practical way to manage its size.  

2.  Attach Right Size Images

 Image files are more likely to attach in an email. We all know that the size of high-quality pictures is often large. However, attaching massive-sized images in your email is problematic because of the size limit for uploading files. Furthermore, emailing large-size photos isn’t a practical approach. It will surely take ample time to load. Also, the recipient may not receive them if the email provider with large attachments sets a size limit and they get blocked.  To counter the image size limit, you can 

  • Compress Images
  • Resize Images 


Compress Images

Compress image to reduce size

 Shrinking the size of images helps you manage the overall size of the picture as per the given limit. The assistance of an image compressor will be useful for getting flawless results. This approach enables you to choose the quality of compression as per your requirements. However, it is essential to understand that extreme compression may affect the quality of your pictures. Therefore, dig a little deeper into image compression to learn how to save the best image quality. Online tools offer users to compress image to 50kb, 20kb, and many more sizes according to user requirements.

Resize Images

Resize picture size

Resizing your pictures is another advantageous way to overcome image size limits effectively. You can modify the picture size easily using an image resizer to meet the given picture size limit. An advanced picture resizer allows you to change the width and height of a picture, which ultimately reduces its overall size. This practice enables you to make your photos perfect for sharing through email without any hurdles.

 Final Words

 Sending emails uninterruptedly demands a few prerequisites, like keeping the size of files below the given limit. The suggestions we have stated above will surely help you counter all the restrictions you face during email sending due to the large size of the pictures. Furthermore, the use of facilities like an image compressor and resizer will be a practical approach to shrink picture files while keeping the quality intact. 

We hope this blog post will be helpful in learning effective ways to send emails in faster way. 


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