Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions - Beat AI with AI!

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The continuous advancement in technology is moving people towards automation. In every field, several tech gadgets have been introduced to overcome the hassles involved in manual work. 

You can relate to it if you are aware of ChatGPT, which has turned the tables for content creation. Previously, people had to conduct in-depth research to produce any kind of textual content. But the ability of ChatGPT helps to produce any content with a single click may seem like a blessing in disguise. 

However, it’s a curse that’s taking away creativity, critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills from people involved in using it. This modern AI tool is a problem for people working in various domains. For instance, teachers have become unable to analyze the work submitted by students and grade them adequately.

So, what can be the solution to overcome this modern problem? Well, you can take the assistance of AI to beat AI! 

If you are wondering how then you are in the right spot. In this blog, we will discuss this modern problem in detail and let you know why and how you can deal with it smartly. So let’s delve into it without any further ado!

What Is AI-Generated Content?

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses NLG (Natural Language Generation) and machine learning to produce content without the involvement of a human author. It is called AI-generated content.

Rising Usage of AI Content

Content creators often face writer’s block, where they are unable to write anything new. However, they are still required to produce content regularly and meet certain targets. The arrival of ChatGPT and other AI tools have made content creation way much easier for writers, as they become able to generate any type of content by simply entering a prompt. Its super-fast productivity skyrocketed its usage in creating content all around the globe.

Similarly, students have also started relying on these facilities to complete their assignments without spending much time. Universities and colleges have become quite concerned about the rising usage of AI content among learners.

Before discussing how you can beat AI with AO, let’s quickly take a look at why it shouldn’t be used.

Why Do You Need to Stop Using AI for Content Creation?

Whether you’re studying or working in a professional environment, you might be told not to use AI for content creation. The reason behind stopping you from the usage of AI isn’t about making you spend time and invest effort in this process. In actuality, you need to stop using AI due to the following reasons:

Inaccurate/Obsolete Data

One of the major issues with AI content is its lack of accuracy. While using AI chatbots, you may come across inaccurate information. If you haven’t carried out research and you are solely relying on data fetched through AI tools, then you may end up creating content with a lot of inaccuracies. In addition, these facilities are mainly trained on old data. 

For instance, ChatGPT is trained on data available over the web until the 3rd quarter of 2021. Hence, using such responses from an AI content generator will leave you with obsolete data. The trends, stats, and other material offered by an AI tool might not resonate with the latest data, which can result in the rejection of your work.

It Contravenes Google Policies

Participants at a recent SEO Office Hours asked John Mueller of Google about the company's position on autonomously generated content.

Google's position has always been obvious from the beginning, according to Mueller. "Using AI-written content is equivalent to randomly moving words about or seeking up synonyms, according to the author. That indicates that it continues to be against the webmaster guidelines for us.

Damage the reputation of your brand

People now more than ever trust businesses above governments. And if you betray that confidence, you'll probably never get that customer or prospect back. 

Content produced by AI frequently contains several mistakes. Publishing content containing errors might have negative effects:

  1. Negative Reputation
  2. Non-ranking content
  3. Lack of credibility
  4. lost clients and opportunities
  5. Possibility of litigation

Forgiveness is less common among people. Utilizing AI-generated content can make you spend more time controlling your brand's reputation as you work to put out fires brought on by AI errors. 

Risk of Plagiarism from AI-Written Content

The possibility of plagiarism in AI-written content is real. When AI creates text, it frequently uses enormous datasets of previously published human-written content to understand patterns and create complete sentences. As a result, there's a chance that the AI-generated content may be too similar to previously published material, resulting in inadvertent plagiarism. In this situation, the availability of a plagiarism checker can eliminate the danger of plagiarism, but how can we manage the additional risks associated with the usage of AI content generators?

No Value is Offered to the Audience

Even if you manage to get accurate data through ChatGPT or any other AI tool, it won’t offer any value to the audience. When you are writing content for the web, and your ultimate goal is to bring traffic to your website or blog, then you need to publish unique content, free from any sort of grammar errors and providing some value to the visitors. 

The problem with AI content is that it doesn’t provide anything unique; instead, it scraps data already existing over the web and displays it as a result of your prompt. Therefore, you won’t be able to convince readers with such content, and your chances of getting this type of content ranked on search engine result pages will also be minimal.

Robotic Tone

In your first attempt at using an AI content generator, you might feel like there is no better way to create content. But when you start using it regularly, you’ll get fed up with its results. If you know about how the quality of content is assessed, then the content generated through an AI tool will surely displease you. It’s because of the robotic tone of the responses offered by these automated content creation tools.

When you are creating content, you need to make it engaging for the audience. However, things are the other way around with AI-generated content, as this tool mainly follows a robotic flow, which makes the flow of content sound dull to the readers.


Avoiding jargon is an essential tip that content writers need to follow in the process of content creation. Jargon is the word used to represent terminologies that are often used in technical writing. It’s recommended to avoid using such terms in your content because they make it hard for a wider pool of audience to understand what you have written. When you are writing content on any topic, you need to keep in mind that a lot of visitors won’t be aware of its technical aspects. Hence, using technical terms won’t allow you to capture their attention and convey your message.

Relying on an AI tool for content creation won’t allow you to skip this nuisance. Mostly, the AI content generators produce content that consists of hard-to-understand vocabulary. By relying on its content, you might miss out on the scope of converting potential leads into customers or subscribers of your service. Therefore, if you want to create easily understandable content for the targeted audience, then you must do it on your own instead of relying on an AI tool.  

Beat AI with AI – The Ultimate Solution!

The adage "Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions" implies that as the world changes and new problems appear, we must adapt and use cutting-edge techniques to successfully handle these issues.

Being a teacher, website owner, or digital marketer, you must make sure that students and writers haven’t used AI to generate content. It might seem impossible to identify the instances where AI tools have been used. But to deal with this modern problem, you can get your hands on a modern solution, i.e., an AI content detector. This AI-based facility is the ultimate solution to beat AI content.

An AI content detector runs on advanced AI algorithms that are capable of detecting the monotonous patterns used by AI content generators to produce content. You can use this facility to spot the exact portions of any text that contains AI-generated text. This utility will also notify you about the percentage of human-written text to help you differentiate it from AI content.


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