White Heart Emoji

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White Heart

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About White Heart Emoji

The white heart emoji (🤍) is another member of the heart emoji group. But this one is not as well-known as the others. This variation stands out due to its elegant-looking white color. The combination of the heart emoji and white color offers people a subtle yet effective way to convey affection and love in digital communications.

Meaning of 🤍 White Heart Emoji

Generally, the white color indicates the absence of any prejudices or resentment. When this color gets combined with the heart emoji, it carries the same meaning—a sense of innocence and sincerity. Therefore, people often use the white heart emoji (🤍) to convey gratitude, love, and adoration for someone or something without any biases or impurities. However, in recent years, this emoji has been associated with discussions about someone passing away.

Text Examples of the 🤍 Heart Emoji

From expressing intense love, adoration, and gratitude to projecting a feeling of sincerity and innocence, individuals these days use white hearts for a multitude of purposes. Here are some practical examples of the (🤍) heart emoji texts:

  • I hope you have a lifetime of love and happiness 🤍.
  • I’m wishing you nothing but the best 🤍.
  • Your friendship means everything to me 🤍.
  • Your kindness and goodness continue to melt my heart 🤍.

🤍 White Heart Emoji: Specifications and Details (Table)

The white heart emoji (🤍) officially became a part of the Unicode 12.0 in 2019. Here are a few technical characteristics of this variation of the heart emoji text.

Complete Name White Heart Emoji
Symbolic Representation 🤍
Description A white heart symbol that radiates innocence and sincerity
Category Symbol
Short Codes Alternative :white_heart:
Unicode Name White Heart
Unicode Value U+1F90D
Unicode Version 12.0
Alternative Names


What is HTML & Short Code of 🤍?

The HTML value for the 🤍 is ‘🧡’, whereas its Short Code is ‘:white_heart:’ (Discord, GitHub, Slack).

What is the Unicode of 🤍?

The Unicode for the 🤍 heart emoji is ‘U+1F90D.’

Is 🤍 romantic?

Like any form of heart, people use the White Heart Emoji (🤍) as a symbol of unconditional love and purity or to convey heartfelt emotions. Therefore, it can be used for romantic purposes.

How do you type 🤍 on Android?

You can type ♡ on Android by accessing the keyboard of your smartphone. But if your keyboard doesn’t support it, you can use the services of SmallSEOTools.

How do you type 🤍 on WhatsApp?

By navigating to the emoji section on WhatsApp, you can insert 🤍. But if you’re using an older version of WhatsApp, you will have to use the services of a third-party tool, like the one available at SmallSEOTools.


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