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Red Heart

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Heart Emoji

The heart symbol is one of the most famous emojis in the world. Although anatomically, its representation is not accurate. Still, people use it to express various forms of affection. This emoji has various colors and shapes. Among those, the red heart emoji (❤️) is the most common one. This (❤) variation is specifically used to express love or affection. Therefore, people often use it to bridge language barriers and transmit emotions through a simple pictorial depiction.

Psychology Behind the Red Heart Emojis

The color red represents passion and love. This color has been associated with strong emotions and enthusiasm. This explains why red is used excessively on February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day.

Several psychologists have discovered that the use of the red color can increase the heart rate. Therefore, the psychology behind the red heart emojis (❤️) is to symbolize affection and love. In addition to being a digital doodle, people use the red heart emojis (❤️) to strengthen bonds and elicit happy feelings amongst others.

Red Heart Emojis Meanings:

Studies have revealed that red is commonly associated with strong emotions and enthusiasm. Therefore, when the red color is used as a heart emoji, individuals can interpret one of the following meanings from it:

Love and Affection

Expressing affection and love for someone or something is the main purpose of the love emoji (❤️).

Deep Connection

Sending a red heart emoji (❤️) to someone else can also indicate that you have a strong emotional connection with them.


The TikTok community uses love emojis (❤️) to make fun of people or point out their stupidity.

#1 Best Friend on Snapchat

The person who stays your #1 best friend on Snapchat for at least two weeks at a time is shown in your friend list with the red heart symbol (❤️).

Text Examples Of ❤️ Emojis:

Here are a few examples that indicate the perfect usage of the ❤️ for a variety of texts:

  • Excited to meet you this evening ❤️.
  • I appreciate you being always there for me ❤️
  • I have more love for you than words can say ❤️

Combinations with ❤️ Red Heart Emoji

Due to serving various meanings, people use the ❤️ red heart emoji by combining it with other symbols. Here are some of the most common practices observed among netizens:

❤️😍: This blend indicates intense affection, admiration, or passion towards someone or something.

❤️🌹: This combination symbolizes affection, love, and romance with a classic touch.

❤️👫: This pairing of emojis represents unity and togetherness. It is often used to signify love between couples.

❤️ Heart Emoji: Specifications and Details

Complete Name Red Heart
Symbolic Representation ❤️
Category Smileys & Emotion
Subcategory 💘 Heart
Short Code Alternative :heart:
Unicode (fully-qualified) ❤️ U+2764 U+FE0F
Unicode (unqualified) ❤ U+2764
Made with U+2764 ❤ Red Heart U+FE0F Variation Selector-16
Unicode Version Unicode 1.1 (1993)
Listed in Emoji Version 1.0


How to Write the Red Heart Emoji on the Keyboard?

By default, physical keyboards do not allow writing emojis. But you can write the red heart emoji by accessing our tool.

What is the HTML code of ❤️ Heart Emoji?

The HTML code of the ❤️ Heart Emoji is ‘&#x2764’ or ‘&#10084.’. You can use either of these codes to display the emoji on a webpage.

What is the Unicode Code for the Red Heart Emoji?

The Unicode for the red heart emoji is ‘U+2764.’ It can be represented in various formats, such as ‘❤️’ in UTF-8 encoding or ‘&#x2764’ in HTML entities.

Is There a Short Code for the Red Heart Emoji?

Yes! The shortcode for the (❤️) emoji is ‘:heart:’.

How Does the LOVE Emoji Vary Across Different Platforms?

The appearance of the (❤️) varies throughout platforms because web services, smartphone makers, or operating system developers create an emoji that reflects their business style and vision.


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