Side Eye Emoji

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Examples of the Side Eye Emojis

The side eye or eyes emoji (πŸ‘€) incorporates subtlety to digital communications with its delicate sideways gaze. This emoji, whether used to represent flirtation, fun mischief, or skepticism, provides a subtle yet effective means of communication. Here are a few text examples that highlight the different meanings and purposes of the eyes or side eye emoji (πŸ‘€):

  • I’m amazed by what I’m witnessing now on TV πŸ‘€
  • Just making sure you received my last message... πŸ‘€
  • Is anyone else looking forward to tonight’s season finale? πŸ‘€
  • I just saw your updated profile picture πŸ‘€ It looks fantastic!
  • Something sounds fishy here! πŸ‘€



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