Heart Eyes Emoji

Express your feelings of attraction, love, or intense fondness with the help of heart eyes emoji (😍). Simply tap on the copy option from here and use this emoji everywhere. 

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes

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Heart Eyes Emoji

The heart eyes emoji is a smiling yellow face with a heart-eyes symbol (😍). Therefore, this emoji is also known as a smiling face with a heart-shaped eyes symbol. It is mostly used to express admiration for someone, react to something cute, or just appreciate beauty. Due to its varying purposes, this emoji comes in three versions—one with teeth visible (😍), one without teeth visible (), and one with a smiling cat face (😻). These variants differ from device to device. However, whichever device you use will have a heart eyes emoji because this symbol became a part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010. 

Heart Eyes Emoji Meaning:

Girls and guys use the heart eyes emoji (😍) for various purposes like other emojis. Here is what this emoji means to girls and guys:

Heart Eye Emoji Meaning from Girl

Girls commonly use the heart eye emoji (😍) to express affection, appreciation, or infatuation. Therefore, using the heart eye emoji shows a girl’s deep affection for someone or something.

Heart Eyes Emoji Meaning from a Guy

When a guy uses the heart eyes (😍) emoji, it usually means that he is madly in love, enthralled, or charmed. Therefore, by using the heart eyes emoji, guys communicate their sentiments of love and attraction in a delicate yet effective way.

Examples of 😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes Emoji

Here are a few text examples of the smiling face with heart-shaped eyes aka heart eyes (😍) emoji:

  • This dog is adorable! 😍
  • Just saw the latest pictures of your kittens. 😻 I am eager to meet them! πŸ‘€
  • Check out the stunning sunset 😍.
  • I just watched the recent episode of my favorite TV show 😍.
  • Looking forward to our date tonight! 😍🌹
  • Your new profile picture just caught my attention. It looks great! 😍

Use Cases of Emoji with Heart Eyes

The heart eyes emojis (😍 | 😻) can be used in a variety of situations. Here are a few common use cases of this emoji:

Appreciating Beauty

People generally use the heart-eye emoji (😍 | 😻) to express admiration for something appealing, like a beautiful meal, a great piece of art, or a sunset.

Reacting to Cuteness

Girls mostly use the heart eyes emoji (😍 | 😻) to show their love for anything cute, like a baby or an animal.

Showcasing Affection and Love

Sometimes, people use the heart with eyes emoji (😍 | 😻) to express love and affection for a crush, loved one, or spouse.


How to Write the heart eye emoji on Keyboard?

In order to write the heart eye emojis (😍 | 😻) on keyboard, you will have to access the emoji section. But if you can’t find this emoji on your keyboard, you can access the heart eyes emoji on SmallSEOTools and use it wherever you like.

What is the HTML code of 😍 Emoji?

The HTML code of 😍 emoji is ‘😍’ and HTML Hex code of 😍 emoji is ‘😍’

What is the Unicode Code for the Heart Eye Emojis?

The Unicode value for the heart eye emojis (😍) is ‘U+1F60D.’

 Is There a Short Code for the Heart Eyes Emoji?

Yes! The Discord, GitHub, and Slack shortcodes for the heart eyes emoji (😍) is ‘:heart_eyes:’


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