Purple Heart Emoji

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Purple Heart

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Purple Heart Emoji Meaning

Generally, the purple heart emoji (πŸ’œ) denotes appreciation, affection, and love. However, the meanings of this emoji vary according to the situation. Here are a few common meanings of the purple heart emojis (πŸ’œ):

Purple Heart Meaning From Girl

From a girl’s perspective, the purple (πŸ’œ) emoji is the best way to convey admiration and gratitude. Therefore, girls use this emoji to express profound affection, a strong emotional bond, or romantic sentiments for the receiver.

What Does a Purple Heart Mean From a Guy?

For a guy, using a purple (πŸ’œ) emoji expresses affection and fondness. Therefore, they use this emoji whenever guys have to make a tiny yet important gesture to convey appreciation and caring.

What Does a Purple Heart Mean in Texting?

Words alone may not always be adequate in texting, particularly when communicating affection, praise, or support. In such situations, individuals prefer using the purple heart emoji (πŸ’œ) since it gives a sense of sincerity and warmth.

About Purple Heart Emojis

A heart is the universal emblem of the feeling of love. Therefore, people have used the heart symbol to convey a sensation of love since the beginning. However, heart emojis nowadays occur in various forms. One of them is the purple heart emoji (πŸ’œ).

Initially, the purple variation of the heart (πŸ’œ) was introduced as a pink heart in the KitKat (4.4) version of the Android operating system. In 2010, this emoji officially became part of Unicode 6.0. Due to its vibrant purple feel, people often use the purple emojis (πŸ’œ) across various messaging apps and social media platforms. The intention behind using this emoji is to communicate affection, empathy, and gratitude.

Text Examples Of πŸ’œ Emoji

Generally, the purple heart emoji (πŸ’œ) represents a range of feelings, including adoration, gratitude, love, and support. Therefore, the following examples demonstrate a few real-life implementations of this emoji:

  • There is always a thought of you in my mind πŸ’œ
  • Words cannot express how much I love you πŸ’œ
  • Sending you lots of love and hugs πŸ’œ

Some Use-Cases for This πŸ’œ Emoji:

From conveying a sense of mystery or spirituality to expressing admiration, affection, or gratitude towards someone, purple hearts (πŸ’œ) can be used in a lot of ways. Here are a few common use cases for this emoji:

Using for YouTube Thumbnails

Some YouTubers prefer to use this (πŸ’œ) emoji in the thumbnails of their videos. The intention behind its usage is to give your thumbnail designs a hint of emphasis or feeling.

Using in a Photoshop Design

Often, graphic designers incorporate the purple heart emoji (πŸ’œ) in Adobe Photoshop to express positive vibes or affection through their projects.

Featuring in an Ad/Advertisement or Promotion

For their promotional materials to be effective, brands have to evoke sentiments of affection and connection. Therefore, they often employ this (πŸ’œ) emoji to successfully accomplish their goals.

Using as a Button on Your Website

Web designers and developers occasionally use purple hearts (πŸ’œ) as buttons. This is particularly true in circumstances where expressing gratitude or encouragement towards users is necessary.

Including in an Instagram Photo

Instagram content creators express their feelings or sentiments by using this (πŸ’œ) emoji in their posts.

Pinning to a Pinterest Photo or Image

Pinterest creators have a knack for using the (πŸ’œ) while pinning their posts. They intend to use this emoji to add a touch of affection or emotion.


How to Write the Purple πŸ’œ Emoji on the Keyboard?

Most keyboards do not have a built-in option for adding emojis. However, you can write a purple heart emoji anywhere by copying it from SmallSEOTools.

What is the HTML code of πŸ’œ Heart Emoji?

There are two different HTML codes for the (πŸ’œ). Its ‘Dec’ variation has the ‘💜’, whereas the ‘Hex’ variation holds the ‘💜’ code.

What is the Unicode Code for the Purple Heart Emoji?

The Unicode value for the purple heart emoji (πŸ’œ) is ‘U+1F49C.’

Is There a Short Code for the Purple Heart Emoji?

Yes! The short code for the purple heart emoji (πŸ’œ) is ‘:purple_heart:’. You can use this short code anywhere, from Discord to GitHub and Slack.

How Does the πŸ’œ Emoji Vary Across Different Platforms?

The (πŸ’œ) looks and feels different across platforms because smartphone manufacturers or OS developers follow their corporate style and vision.


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