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About Flag Counter

Flag Counter is a tool that will allow users to track the visitors count for their webpage. This tool is helpful in letting you know about the website traffic and details of website visitor statistics.

Our Flag Counter Tool Will Help You In

Our simple and reliable tool is there to help you in creating fully customized flag counter for your blog or website, providing you with a real-time web tracking system and advanced statistics. Every time, a user from a new country will visit your website, a flag will be added to the counter. Not only is this more appealing to eyes but clicking on flags can reveal interesting information as well.


How to Use Our Flag Counter Tool

The functionality of this cool tool is very simple, all you have to do is customize the your flag counter by the given options and when you are done you can preview your flag counter and if you’re satisfied, click on “Get Your Flag Counter” or else click on “Customize Again”.

By clicking on “Get Your Flag Counter”, it will be created and you will get a widget code that you can copy and paste the into the source code of your website where you wish the counter to appear.