Capstone Connected Home Introduces Smart Mirror With Google Assistant

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We always wanted a mirror to talk to, and now capstone connected home will be releasing one soon according to an announcement made in CES 2019. According to the news the smart mirror’s display is positioned behind the reflective surface so that you can still see yourself in the mirror while using the device.


google smart mirror


This smart mirror isn’t just a mirror with Google voice support but runs an OS of Android; the version is still unknown. You can use the Play Store download and run apps, it has access to Google voice commands. The exciting part about the smart mirror is, there is a companion control hub installed that takes care of the voice operations. This device can be used to control other devices manufactured by Capstone connected home as well.

This amazing smart mirror can identify up to six different family members voices which will help it to configure profiles based on their likings and also will allow to connect to their Google accounts to provide more information. The user can store their personal or private information in their profiles where no one else can peak in to without the voice of the original owner of the account.

The release date of the product isn’t announced in the CES 2019 but is said that the product will be released in the first quarter of this year means soon we will have a lot of these mirrors installed in our bathing rooms. The initial release size of the smart mirror is 19 inches wide and 22 inches in length, other sizes will be released somewhere in the mid of this year. The smart mirror is set on display in CES 2019; if you are going to visit, then you should definitely try this out.


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