Facebook Messenger Features Unsend 10-Minute Window

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Facebook is ready to launch an “unsend” feature for Messenger after ten months of its promise. This feature was discovered furtively eradicating messages sent by the founder of Facebook from inboxes of recipients. Only Zuckerberg was taking advantage of this power.

The company quitted the use of secret features that it had built in the past for its executives. This feature was discovered in 2018 April and vowed not to delete messages until they offer a broader option to delete messages. Facebook users can get the benefits of this feature. The feature is less powerful than all-inclusive ability available to Mark Zuckerberg. Founder of Facebook can erase a sent message and its evidence.



The messenger users can delete messages within 10 minutes after sending these messages. The removed words will be substituted through text altering. Facebook is silent about the power of this feature that gives you 10 minutes to unsend a message. It is not confirmed whether this feature will only help executives to delete messages in line with some restrictions.

Users of messenger may have a greater power to delete sent messages of secret conversations (end-to-end encoded chats). Texts may set to an “auto-delete” feature after a specific time. The message is removable by senders.

This approach is similar to WhatsApp and other messaging services of Facebook, where messenger supports end-to-end encrypted conversations by default. It was reported in January that Facebook is thinking about merging the technical functions of WhatsApp and Messenger and Direct Messages of Instagram to allow people to send messages between three services.

This merger can be a logistical challenge because the three services have millions of users and run out of several principles. It could permit Facebook to escalate the use of messaging services. The situation can be difficult for regulators to force the organization to spin off provided subsidiary to indorse competition.


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