Apple Upstages Amazon in Choosing New Technology Hub Locations

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Apple and Amazon are both giants when it comes to technology and consumer products industries that is why they are in need for more room for expansion and continually in search for an excellent place to establish a major foothold in many US cities that have already been identified as second-tier technology hubs.

Now, Apple upstages Amazon by finding the best location for them to build a $1 Billion worth of campus in Austin, Texas. Apple breaks the news recently after the 11-month long process that started when Apple CEO Tim Cook announced their plans to build a new tech hub outside California. 


Apple Upstages Amazon


The new project will open its doors to 5,000 job opportunities including engineers and call center agents. The city has already started to become a destination for technology company startups and some major companies. And with the addition of Apple, we can already imagine that it will bring more prestige into the city as well as revenues. 

Aside from Austin’s new tech hub, the company also said that they would also open offices in San Diego, Seattle, and Culver City. For each office, they will hire about 1,000 employees over the next three years. Furthermore, Apple has promised to open hundreds of jobs in their offices in New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Colorado, and Oregon.

Apparently, it is Apple’s way of ensuring that their employees will get a good place to stay while they pursue their careers. It is also a win-win solution for the company as well as for the workers. Apple doesn’t have to pay extremely high salaries to their employees since they are likely to land an affordable home than in many parts of San Francisco (if they are employed in Silicon Valley). 

Cook said, "Talent, creativity and tomorrow's breakthrough ideas aren't limited by region or ZIP code." Major cities in the US have offered financial incentives to get Apple to build their new campus in the area, but Cook wants to avoid high-profile competition like what happened with Amazon when they decided to build new offices in Virginia and New York.

The locations where Apple and Amazon decided to expand were based on the latest analysis that was released by CBRE Research. First on the list is Silicon Valley, followed by Seattle, third is Washington DC, fourth Toronto, fifth New York, and Austin in sixth-place.

The new Apple campus in Austin is expected to open jobs mostly in the fields of technology and research. This is the reason why most cities are very eager to bring in more high-profile technology companies because their employees often make six-figure salaries. These new employees will soon fill the restaurants, malls, theaters, and will also buy properties as well as pay taxes which could be a great help to the city’s economy.


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