Amazon To Launch A Free Music Streaming Service Soon

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According to a recent Billboard report, Amazon’s current work in progress is on launching its first ever free music streaming platform that will also be add-supportive. It hasn’t been mentioned by the company that the new interface will have on-demand music or will it comprise of having the radio stations in it. However, it is clear that it will go against a direct competition with the rival app Spotify, which is said to be the dominating online music service provider.





The company has an existing popular marketing channel, its line of Echo speakers, through which they intend to market the service for free. It is improbable that this service by Amazon would give competition to Apple as it has an entirely different objective. Apple Music only offers paid music services with no free option.

The service is set to launch as soon as this week, as from the report of Billboard.  The free service will initially have a limited catalog of music and Amazon has also obtained the licenses by the labels to initiate its pay per stream music. The payment rate is separated to the amount of advertising Amazon controls.

Despite the growth of Amazon Music, this unit of the company has still far to go to within the category of music. However, Amazon music and Apple subscription music services are just a cherry on the top comparing to the revenues both companies generate from the sale of their other product lines. Comparatively, Spotify, on the other hand, is dependent on the success solely of its music offering, which is pretty much the whole entity of the company.

Amazon has already tens of millions of active subscribers on its existing music service called Amazon Music. The packages and rates are designed for individual countries where the service is accessible. US Prime members have access to a selective music list for free.  There are also options available separately to buy a larger monthly music subscription package, which ranges from $3.99 to $9.99, depending on the number of devices it is running on and whether the user is an Amazon Prime member or not.


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